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Supply Chain Operations from SGS – ensure the resilience and agility of your supply chain to reduce risk and encourage growth.

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An agile, resilient supply chain is essential for the success of your business. Any disruption to your supply chain can significantly affect your profits, your competitive position in the market and your brand’s reputation. We will help you to reduce risks, meet short and long-term challenges and set the foundation for successful future operations.

Total Value Optimization

Anticipate and meet the demands of your customers and stakeholders, delivering them the greatest value at the lowest cost and risk. Our hands-on experts will help you to optimize the plan-buy-make-move-fulfill process across your entire supply chain and operations, so your organization can move up the Total Value Optimization (TVO) Maturity Pyramid™ and obtain a competitive advantage.

Digitally Enabled Supply Chain

A digitally enabled supply chain will help to encourage growth, increase value and improve your standing in the market. We offer cross-functional expertise, change management and data analytics capabilities to help you drive synergy savings, enhance the visibility of your logistics and support on-demand customer service that differentiates you from your competitors.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Profitability, growth and corporate survival depend upon an effective approach to end-to-end supply chain risk management. To help you manage current challenges and stay prepared for the unexpected, we offer a three-step approach:

  1. Stabilize: rapidly gain insight and control
  2. Accelerate: implement quick win initiatives to drive recovery
  3. Optimize: transform to a resilient, agile, digitally enabled and future focused supply chain

Strategic Procurement

Today, the nature of global supply chains is changing rapidly, and often unpredictably, while end customers are becoming increasingly demanding. To meet these new challenges, businesses must change how they approach procurement. Our innovative approach uses digitization, optionality, agility, better visibility and an improved balance between local, regional and global sourcing to increase value and meet customer expectations.

Operational Excellence

Business leaders are pressed to deliver more added value for less. To do this, they must frequently reassess their current practices and quickly implement process improvements. This requires an agile, digitally enabled supply chain and an operations model that synchronizes procurement, manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment in anticipation of demand.

We apply a pragmatic and measurable approach to operational excellence, focusing on transforming complex processes into lean, efficient and progressive outcomes that provide a competitive advantage.


Globalization of the world economy has redefined logistics, with companies facing increasing pressure to survive in the global market. Businesses are demanding faster, cheaper and more transparent services. Meanwhile, carriers are developing the tools to process massive amounts of data in real time.

We will help you to rebalance your logistics supply chain. We offer deep and differentiated capabilities in multimodal transportation – including air, rail, trucking and maritime – optimization modeling, planning and lean operations.

Data Analytics

As the big data explosion continues unabated, many executives struggle to extract value from data. We help CEOs and senior executives use data to develop optimized, demand driven supply chains that provide a competitive advantage.

Our data analysts will help you to transform your supply chain, whether by exploiting data from inventory sensors to proactively replenish client stock or leveraging it to minimize downtime and optimize maintenance services.

Operational Due Diligence

We use operational due diligence, along with the timely use of data analytics and artificial intelligence, to help private equity firms gain an advantage over their competitors, make smarter buying decisions and speed up value creation. We bring together subject matter and due diligence experts to improve win rates and reduce investment risk.

We will help you to:

  • Identify potential supply chain savings and improvements
  • Increase bidding competitiveness
  • Reduce acquisition risks
  • Accelerate time-to-value creation

Leader and Organization Improvement

In an increasingly competitive and volatile global business environment, achieving and sustaining a productive company culture is more important than ever before. Through our Leader and Organization Improvement (LOI) process, we ensure that everyone, at all levels of your organization, is involved, engaged and committed. Our LOI practitioners work alongside our subject matter experts to help you identify problems and drive specific improvements, resulting in a compelling plan that your people can understand, support and execute.

Why SGS?

We are the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. With specialists in procurement, logistics and operations, we have a track record of accelerating measurable improvement across supply chains. We will help you to optimize your supply chain to enable profitability and growth. Our pragmatic and measurable solutions will enable you to create lean, efficient and progressive outcomes that offer a competitive advantage.

Contact us today for more information about optimizing your supply chain.