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Sarah De Luca, the Business Development Manager for North American Environment, Health and Safety, Conventional Labs at SGS sits down with Dr. Bharat Chandramouli for our first ever SGS Live on Wednesday, March 24th at 12 Noon EST.

Their discussion, entitled Emerging Contaminants: A history of Concern, will examine the life cycle of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs). Dr. Chandramouli will explore how some chemicals go from commonly used and manufactured household items, to regulated and monitored pollutants considered harmful to human health, and the environment at large.

This live broadcast, the first LinkedIn Live event for SGS, will feature discussion on how PFAS, dioxins and other new, or newly relevant contaminants, affect our water and food supply. Dr. Chandramouli and Sarah will also highlight how we at SGS are using our state of the art monitoring, measurement, and analysis technology to help raise awareness and track these harmful chemicals in our environment, and our lives – because at SGS we strive to create a better, safer, more interconnected world.