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SGS Canada Inc. is excited to announce the opening of our new radio-chemistry lab which offers some new capabilities and accreditations in the SGS North American market. New methods are being developed to receive accreditation under ISO 17025 and will further enhance existing analytical capabilities available with this new lab.

SGS Canada Inc. now includes the analysis of radio-isotopes to our scope of accreditation. Available now are Gross Alpha and Beta in water, Tritium in water, and the analysis of various Gamma emitting radio-isotopes. This new radio-chemistry lab is well equipped with the following instrumentation and our scope of analysis is being expanded as methods are developed, validated and receive accreditation under ISO 17025.

Gamma Spectroscopy

High Purity germanium detectors ideal for the analysis of low-level gamma emitters in soil samples. With emphasis on naturally occurring nuclear material (NORM). The system is configured for the analysis of radio-isotopes at sub Bq/g. Analytes include but not limited to Ra226, and Th230.

Liquid Scintillation

Samples are digested and chromatographically separated to allow the use of liquid scintillation. The prepared sample is then mixed with the scintillation cocktail. As charge particles are released, as per radioactive decay events, the scintillation fluid will then “flash” which is detected by the system. This offers a very high efficiency for particle detection which results in low detection limits.

Gas Proportion Detector

The gas proportional detector is used routinely for the determination of Alpha and Beta particles. Primary it is used for the analysis of Gross Alpha and Beta in water according to US EPA 900.0 which offers a cost-effective screening method to determine if further radio-isotope testing is required.