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In this edition of SGS BioVision News, we will discuss:

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Seed Analysis Packages Built for Canada’s Seed Sector

The importance of benchmarking seed quality is now amplified across Canada due to unfavorable harvest weather. We have built comprehensive testing packages, by crop species, to create confidence in both your harvested and conditioned seed products. Test your seed early to determine fit for use.

To view our packages and order supplies, log into our online portal CONNECT SGS at

We have ADDED sample drop off locations for your convenience:

  • SGS Guelph: Unit #1, 503 Imperial Road N, Guelph, ONT, N1H 6T9
  • SGS Saskatoon: #2, 3327 Lambert Crescent, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1K4

Unique One-Stop-Shop Offer: Soil Nutrient & Pathology Service Alignment

SGS BioVision has the most UNIQUE soil testing offer in the Canadian marketplace, combining nutrient and pathology diagnostics in our ONE-STOP SHOP. First choose from one of our comprehensive nutrient packages below, then add on your disease assessment, either clubroot or aphanomyes. We are the only lab to offer crop production nutrient data and disease risk assessment for future success. For further details on the 3 packages below, contact us at 1.800.952.5407.

Nutrient Packages:

  • Fall single depth pro
  • Fall single depth elite
  • Fall multi depth elite

Licensed for Industrial Hemp Viability Analysis

We are pleased to inform you that SGS BioVision’s Sherwood Park lab is licensed by Health Canada to conduct viability testing on seed and grain of industrial hemp. With more than 20 years of experience delivering growth based and purity testing, our accredited seed analysts are experts for your industrial hemp business - offering germination, tetrazolium, physical purity, pure seed and seed size measurements.

Phytosanitary Analysis Expanded to Vietnam Exports

Excitingly, SGS BioVision is now authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to analyze grain shipments to Vietnam, in addition to previously authorized countries: China, India and Mexico. For issuance of Phytosanitary Certificates, SGS samplers who are approved under the Canadian Grain Sampling Program, draw official samples on site. This is followed by analysis of the samples by SGS BioVision’s accredited seed analysts. We are known in the industry for fast service delivery, often on the same day of receipt, resulting from our integrated approach!

Ask an Analyst: Questions from our Clients

What turn around can I expect when I order analysis services from SGS BioVision?

Seed businesses are complex and fast paced, which is why turn around should be key when selecting your lab partner. We offer unrivaled industry turn around times, with all growth based tests commencing on the day of receipt of your sample(s)! For purity services, contact us to prioritize your analysis.

Growth based Seed Quality Testing (germination, vigor)

Cereals 10-14 days
Corn & Peas 7-10 days
Grasses 7-28 days
Pedigreed Seed Check Purity  3-5 days
Pedigreed Seed Grade 3-5 days
Variety Confirmation 5-7 days
Phytosanitary Certificate Same day to a maximum of 3 days 
 Legumes 5-10 days

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