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Testing Packages Customized for Spring Planting

What is unique about the SGS BioVision’s SEEDING packages? We have pulled together comprehensive diagnostics for our cool spring soil temperatures, and included the 1,000 kernel weight, which is critical for optimizing your target plants population.

View our testing packages, including our SEEDING SELECT, PRO and ELITE options here.

Soil Pathology Testing BEFORE You Seed

Interest in soil pathogens impacting grain yield has gained traction, as discussed at many agronomy conferences this winter. Before you seed this spring, we can diagnose presence of:

  • Aphanomyces Euteiches - for pea & lentil growers
  • Clubroot - for canola growers

Submit samples through our online software CONNECT, or download our Chain of Custody Form.

APHIS & SICA Documentation for seed export & import

Shipping seed cross border is made seamless with our same day turn-around (upon request) of APHIS and SICA documentation! We are authorized for all crop types, including forages, grasses, pulses and cereals. For more information, contact our Sherwood Park lab.

SGS Brings GMO Event Testing to Our Clients

Grains testing for GMO Events is new to the BioVision team! By joining the network of SGS testing laboratories, we now offer:

  • GMO screens - canola, soybean, corn
  • GMO event specific detection - canola, soybean, corn

Cutting-edge technology brings fast turn-around with precision, so reach out to Holly Gelech for details.

Ask an Analyst - Questions from our Clients

Q. What volume do I send for testing packages, varietal confirmation and soil diagnostics?

A.     Seed testing packages: 250-500 grams
         Grain testing packages: 500 grams
         Varietal confirmation: 250 grams
         Soil testing: 2 cups

 As important as the lab result, ensure a representative sample is collected and submitted to the lab. For physical purity analysis, contact us for proper submission amount at the number below.


Q. What is the turn around for seed quality testing?

A. We plant all growth-based tests the day of receipt, so the turn around is based on the duration of the test method. Below are what you can expect!



Cool Stress Test

Disease Diagnostics

Alfalfa, Clover

5-10 days



Vegetables, Herbs

5-14 days



Soybean, Pea, Flax

7 days

14 days

7 days


10 days

14 days

7 days


10-12 days

14 days

5-7 days

Faba bean

14 days

14 days

7 days

Grass species

14-28 days




In a hurry for a test result? Text us for assistance at +1 587 501 1313.

For more information, please contact:

Holly Gelech
Business Development Manager
SGS BioVision
t: +1 800 952 5407