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The updated versions of nutritional software CNCPS 6.5 and AMTS 3.6 have data fields to enter ‘Ash-Free’ Neutral Detergent Fibre (aNDFom).  Although SGS is developing NIR calibrations for 120 hour and 240 hour uNDF and NDFD, aNDFom may not be necessary unless forages have significant soil contamination.  To read more, please click here. To read more, click here.


With corn planting occurring early this year, and even some in the ground in April, nitrogen management will be very important. Applying all of the season’s nitrogen pre-plant can lead to losses that are economically, and even environmentally, impactful.

Where the ability exists to split applications and apply N into a growing crop, a PSNT can assist with determining the appropriate rates. Where variability exists, due to soil type, organic matter levels, or topography, separate samples may allow for variable rate application. Management zones can be established based on yield maps, grid sampling maps, or bare-ground satellite imagery.

Book your custom PSNT sampling now to ensure prompt service at side dress time.


Monitoring Soybean Cyst Nematode populations can aid decisions pertaining to crop rotation and soybean-resistant variety selection. Samples can be collected alongside standard nutrient soil samples, at the same frequency, and each should not represent more than 20 or 25 acres.

Nematode Count analysis reports all detectable detrimental nematodes, such as Root-Lesion, Sting, and Stunt species.  Samples can be collected as above, and are often performed by vegetable and bulb flower growers. A separate sample is required to ensure adequate volumes for nematode testing.


To assist in determining optimum cutting dates for forage crops, the Rapid Scissor Cut Evaluation assesses quality in 24 hour hours. Multiple random sub-samples can be collected at approximate harvest height, and combined into one sample. Prompt shipment to the lab will allow immediate analysis by NIR, producing next day results.

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