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In order to assure your Storage Tanks compliance with Local Regulations as well as with the relevant Standards and Codes, SGS provides Technical Audits according to EN 14015, API 650 or 653, EEMUA 159 or Clients’ Specifications.

Non-Destructive Testing

With the knowledge and inspection experience of SGS, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services provide your installation with added quality, cost reduction, business security and improved safety, for both existing and new installations. NDT gives a clear insight into the risk of leakage or other safety critical defects, which increases the integrity and safety within the installation, and hence avoids undue operating expenses. Non-Destructive Testing of Storage Tanks includes several methods of examining materials, components and connections in order to identify and quantify material defects and degradations.

  • Tank Bottom Inspection
  • Tank Shell Inspection
  • Special Leak Testing

Tank Calibration

When you need to be sure of your tank calibration results, SGS has the leading solution. SGS innovative laser-calibration measurement technology helps companies to reduce time and costs of tank management, as well as offering precise storage tank calibration to ISO7504. Our motorised laser technology and specialist software deliver results that are accurate, fast and safe to cost efficient management for Storage Tanks, Gas Vessels and Stockpile Measurements. Not just volumes, but accurate roundness surveys, tank tilt & settlement and other construction measurements are straightforward. What is the precise capacity of your tank? The difference can mean thousands of dollars to your business.

Tank Leak Detection

Above ground, storage tanks are a key part of any distribution operation. From a commercial point of view, product leakage results in a direct loss of revenue. From an environmental view, product leakage can lead to contamination of soil and water courses leading potentially to punitive action from the Environmental Agency and negative corporate publicity. SGS cooperates with Mass Technology Corporation (MTC) and offers a quantitative tank leak detection system, which does not require tank entry thereby dramatically reducing costs. Our tank leak detection system monitors the mass of liquid in the tank over a period of time in order to identify the presence and magnitude of any leakage. In cases a leak has been observed, but the offending tank cannot be identified, this system enables the operator to find the leaking tank without having to take them all out of service. Unnecessary expense is eliminated and the risk to personnel minimised as only leaking tanks will be entered.

Read the English Brochure (PDF 7.39 MB) for more inforamtion.

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