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Environmental sustainability is of paramount importance today. A company’s “social license to operate” is closely connected to its environmental performance.

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SGS’s technical experts know this and provide sustainable process design services to meet the continuing challenge of reducing environmental impact.

SGS can help you to realize the cost savings related to increased efficiency and recovery gains as a result of taking sustainability into account from the start of your process design. From the outset, we design your processing flowsheet to be sustainable as opposed to recommending “end-of-pipe” strategies. Our green process design services include:

  • Variability testing
  • Bench scale review & testing
  • Custom process design
  • Float-sink / washability testing
  • Cyanide destruction and thiosulfate leaching
  • Neutralization and precipitation technologies
  • Process water recycling
  • Water treatment services and high density sludge precipitation
  • Acid rock drainage predictive testing
  • Strategies for recycling high tech goods such as solar panels
  • Mineral, metal and phase separation strategies
  • Process audit and optimization

SGS’s internal environmental policy insists that sustainable environmental practices are given top priority. SGS is a co-signee to the CIM Environmental Policy Statement, which promotes environmentally sustainable operations in the mining and exploration industries. Contact SGS to work with a partner that understands your need for sustainable industrial process development and gives you options.

Sustainable process design in Canada

Our facilities in Lakefield or Vancouver can meet your metallurgical and process design requirements. We offer you the bankable experience, technical excellence and the state-of-the-art equipment you require to reduce your technical risk before you make the major investments needed to develop mining sites. We have provided scoping studies, flowsheet development and extensive piloting capabilities to the industry for over 70 years in a wide range of commodities – including gold, copper, uranium, REE, high-tech metals and coal. Contact us to find out more.