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The requirements for designing and building a GMP certified facility is one of the least understood processes in the hemp market. This webinar series of four webinars is intended to provide a step by step explanation of the process, including common missteps, and tips for mitigating risk from some of the leading minds in the sector. The following webinar series will help you to understand the feasibility of GMP, design process, documentation and certification and permit of occupancy & Commissioning systems


May 28, 2020, 12:00


Aug 19, 2020, 13:30



Webinar 1: Topic: Designing and Building for a GMP future in the CBD & Hemp Industry-

Feasibility Study & GMP Review

This introductory webinar will cover the most often skipped phases of the planning process and a general roadmap to a successful project. We will cover some tips and tricks from seasoned design professionals. Attendees will understand the basics of when to purchase a site and when to start a feasibility study, along with overall general project sequencing. Our intro webinar will be useful for seasoned industry operators all the way to new startups.

Speakers: Jennifer Lott , Dan Gustafik, Matt Brown, Jeffrey Anthenat, & John MacKay, Ph.D.


Webinar 2: Topic: Designing and Building for a GMP future in the CBD & Hemp Industry

 - Quality by Design Process

On the next webinar we dive into the actual design process and cover design elements from architectural to manufacturing with the GMP quality-by-design process. Attendees will understand the basic requirements for GMP design along with some novel constraints and tips. You will leave this session with an understanding of hemp specific design and current design constraints. This webinar will be most useful for hemp industry operators looking to expand their operation or startups in design and planning phase.

Speakers: Jennifer Lott, Dan Gustafik, Matt Brown & John MacKay, Ph.D.


Webinar 3: Topic: Designing and Building for a GMP future in the CBD & Hemp Industry

- Documentation/Certification

Documentation and operational protocols are key differentiators between GMP certified facilities and non-certified operations. In this webinar our team will take a deeper dive into the specific documentation requirements for the processes, equipment, and personnel. Final certification will be covered in detail. Attendees will leave this session with a knowledge of documentation time requirements and type for each portion of their process. They will also understand the steps for end certification, common mistakes, and tips. This webinar will be useful for all hemp industry personnel who are looking at engaging in GMP certification.


Speakers: Jennifer Lott, Dan Gustafik, John MacKay, Ph.D & Meghan McCormick, Ph.D.


Webinar 4: Topic: Designing and Building for a GMP future in the CBD & Hemp Industry

- Permit of Occupancy & Commissioning Systems

The final webinar covers the least anticipated phase regarding startup and commissioning. This section will cover the actual final permitting and systems startup timelines along with final documentation and drawing wrap up. This critical phase paves the way for project failure or success and future expansion.  Attendees will be given a roadmap to success by understanding the importance of the final commission and documentation phases along with pitfalls. This last webinar is ideal for any hemp industry professional working in a processing environment and company stakeholders.

Speakers: Jennifer Lott, Dan Gustafik & Matt Brown


Target Audience:

This webinar would be suitable for anyone either looking into building a hemp or cannabis grow or processing facility, or anyone already in the middle of a build-out project. This could include growers, processors, investors, etc.


Dates and Time:

Webinar 1: 28th May – 2:00 pm (Est)

Webinar 2: 18th June – 2:00 pm (Est)

Webinar 3: 15th July – 2:00 pm (Est)

Webinar 4: 19th August – 2:00 pm (Est)


Cost: No Charge

Language: English

About Presenters: 

Jennifer Lott, Technical Director Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics, and personal care products, SGS North America Inc

Dan Gustafik,President & Founder Hybrid Tech

Matt Brown, General Manager, Endeavor Built

Meghan McCormick, Ph.D. , Senior Chemist, Process LeadSpektrum Cannabis Technologies


For more information, please contact:

Kimberlyn Sanchez
t: +1 201 508 3000