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As a part of the 58th annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2019) in Vancouver from August 18 - 21, join SGS' Sarah Prout as she discusses Future of Advanced Analytical Techniques and Data Modelling in Process Mineralogy Applied to Copper Deposits.


Aug 17, 2019, 22:00


Aug 20, 2019, 22:00


Vancouver, BC, Canada


New technological advancements in automated mineralogy can be used to better understand complex mineral deposits and the metallurgical response of ores in mineral processing. The use of TIMA (Tescan Integrated Mineral Analyser) in automated mineralogy, has offset some of the limitations related to detection limits and fine texture data collection and interpretation. We will demonstrate the benefits of using the newly developed DOTmap approach for a study of complex mineralogical samples on a variety of ores from around the globe.  This approach uses high resolution BSE imaging in combination with lower resolution EDS mapping to understand the recovery and co-recovery of minerals and metals of interest.  It will be demonstrated that the emerging technologies like TIMA, which now have become available along with the well establish QEMSCAN solutions, are more appropriate for the mineralogical analysis of certain ores.  We will also demonstrate ways to link the process mineralogy data with the geometallurgical testwork and process optimization. It will also be shown that the process of full integration of mineralogical data can be significantly improved with the use of machine learning.


Prout, S.,1*, Hrstka T.,2, Grammatikopoulos, T.,3, Belmar, M., 4, & Martinez F.,4      

1*Senior Mineralogist, Advanced Mineralogy Facility, SGS Canada Inc., Burnaby, Canada, 778-374-3933

2Technical Manager, Global Mineralogy, SGS Minerals, Prague, Czech Republic

3Senior Mineralogist, Advanced Mineralogy Facility, SGS Canada Inc., Lakefield, Canada, 705-652-2000

4Mineralogy Manager, Advanced Mineralogy Facility, SGS Minerals, Santiago, Chile

5Mineralogist, Advanced Mineralogy Facility, SGS Minerals, Santiago, Chile


*Corresponding Author


Keywords: Automated Mineralogy, QEMSCAN, TIMA-X, Artificial intelligence, copper ores



 Sarah Prout, Ph.D.

Sarah Prout is Manager, Metallurgy, Vancouver Operations. Prior to taking on the role, sarah served as Senior Mineralogist for 8 years. Sarah received her Ph.D. in mineralogy, petrography and economic geology in 2004 from Camborne School of Mines in the UK. Sarah has over a decade of geology and mineralogy experience. Sarah started her SGS career in January 2007 as a Mineralogist based in Lakefield and joined the SGS Canada’s Vancouver operations in 2010, as a Senior Mineralogist. While at SGS, she has developed extensive experience dealing with the management of process mineralogical projects using QEMSCAN, SEM, optical microscopy, EPMA and XRD analysis. With experience in dealing with global mining projects, she has worked on a wide range of deposits from base metals and iron ore to REE, U-Th and industrial minerals.


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About COM 2019

COM 2019 is the Annual Conference of Metallurgists and is the premier event in Canada for the metallurgy and materials community. Metsoc, the 58th annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2019) and CIM are honoured to host Copper 2019, marking a milestone in the International Copper Conference Series with the 10th Edition. The success and outcome of the Copper Conference is the work of the six leading International Professional Societies (IIMCh, GDMB, MMIJ, TMS, SME, MetSoc) who tirelessly persevere in bringing forth symposia of the highest quality to the delegates.


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