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SGS Short Course: Process Risk Mitigation for Mining Projects Through Metallurgical Testwork at Risk and Resilience Mining Solutions 2016


Nov 13, 2016, 08:00


Nov 13, 2016, 17:00


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Metallurgical response is one of the key technical risk factors affecting the outcome of mining projects. As long as a mineable deposit of proven grade exists, the technical risk that can be singled out as most significant is the processing risk, which in turn relies upon metallurgy. Metallurgical testing is an industry accepted practice applied to address this concern by generating hard-data reflective of the metallurgical behavior of the metal bearing ores and various minerals. This short-course will familiarize the attendees with the main aspects involved in metallurgical testing, flowsheet development, process and environmental risk mitigation. 

The participants will learn about sample selection and sample variability within the context of testwork program design. A summary of the key unit operations commonly subjected to metallurgical testing will be presented including: 

• Comminution;

• Physical separation; 

• Flotation; 

• Hydrometallurgy, and, 

• Liquid-solid separation. 

Data reduction and pilot design principles will be presented in a simple, easy to follow format. Similarly, the attendees will learn how the data are used to achieve the main objective of the metallurgical testwork: process-flowsheet development and establishment of the design criteria. However, emphasis will be placed on staged-risk mitigation, from scoping level throughout full-feasibility and inclusive of all risk-factors relating to the process, emissions, tailings, water management, as well as health, safety and environmental compliance.