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High Definition Mineralogy is the expert quantitative study of minerals using automated techniques.

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SGS is the world leader in providing comprehensive automated High Definition Mineralogy to the global minerals industry and other market sectors that need detailed material, product or residue characterizations.

Key advantages to a partnership with SGS include:

  • A broad depth and breadth of expertise with many commodities
  • A comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art equipment including QEMSCAN®, TIMA-X, X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and electronic microprobe
  • A wide range of advanced mineralogy technologies to help you with either a solution or data that is “fit-for-purpose”

No matter what your industry or application, SGS has the applied mineralogy experience and equipment to add value to your project. Our proven solutions include:

  • Exploration sample processing 
  • Identification and chemistry
  • Particle mapping
  • Process mineralogy
  • Environmental mineralogy
  • Coal petrography

High Definition Mineralogy data can be quantitatively compared to similar data from different tests. The interpretation and use of such data can also add significant value to many applications. SGS has the technical expertise and experience required to:

  • Design an effective High Definition Mineralogy program
  • Efficiently operate the  instruments to yield data that is fit for purpose
  • Interpret the large amounts of data created
  • Apply the conclusions to your project to assist you as you formulate the next steps you require

SGS experts use statistically robust High Definition Mineralogy to rapidly and objectively determine parameters such as:

  • Mineral abundance
  • Chemistry
  • Grain size
  • Texture
  • Deportment
  • Association
  • Liberation 

With over 50 years of mineralogy experience, SGS adds value to your project by using High Definition Mineralogy as a proven tool for:

  • Mineral balances. High Definition Mineralogy truly balance the minerals in a sample or process, in the same ways that assay data are used to balance the elements in a sample or process. Thus High Definition Mineralogy is therefore the only quantitative way to truly assess mineralogically how a process is working
  • Benchmarking. Samples can be benchmarked using High Definition Mineralogy, and can be correlated with known parameters from previously tested samples
  • Prediction. Where such correlations exist, High Definition Mineralogy can be used to predict various aspects of processing on a new sample so helping to focus future testing

Technologies such as QEMSCAN, TIMA-X, electron microprobe, image analysis and quantitative XRD are mere tools. High Definition Mineralogy is the product. SGS’s world-class team of mineralogical experts ensures a quality product and provides a significant interpretive value addition to the High Definition Mineralogy product at every stage of your project. SGS will use High Definition Mineralogy to provide significant input into strategic decisions, giving you the competitive advantage you need.

Mineralogy services in Canada

SGS in Canada offers you over 50 years of process mineralogy experience that spans a wide range of elements, commodities and deposit types. We provide testing for a multitude of applications – from exploration, through to production, industrial hygiene, environmental applications and mine closure. Our instrumental capabilities at our advanced mineralogy facilities in Lakefield and Vancouver include:

  • QEMScan
  • XRD
  • Optical mineralogy
  • Image analysis
  • Electron microprobe

If you need mineral identification or chemistry, clay or particulate assessments, liberation data or process mineralogy, we can help you understand key issues and mitigate your risk. Plus, many of our laboratories in Canada operate under the ISO/IEC 17025 scope of accreditation. Contact us to find out more.

XRD services in Canada

We offer you two advanced mineralogy facilities in Canada: one located in Lakefield, Ontario and the other in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our laboratory in Lakefield offers you over 25 years of XRD expertise and is one of the few commercially available North American testing platforms for this technology. Our XRD analysis is managed by professional mineralogists with years of characterization experience. Services include:

  • Clay and mineral identification
  • Geometallurgy and ore variability mapping
  • Silica and particulate determinations for industrial hygiene

Contact us to find out more.