North America Mineral and Commodities

Trade Ocean Shipping Services

SGS provides a range of value-added solutions that reduce supply chain risks and safeguard quality and quantity when bringing mineral and metal products to market.

Whether you need vessel or barge draft survey, cargo inspection, weight verification, hold inspections, or more, our trade and commercial services provide you with the confidence you need for your commodities as they move along the supply chain.

The value of your shipments is best determined by a quality and quantity assessment based on impartial sampling and analysis. Our trusted expertise includes a wide range of commodities including precious metals, coal, iron, steel, fertilizer, industrial minerals, and non-ferrous metals.

Shipping Trade Port

Maritime Services

SGS offers a wide range of services for your vessel inspection needs including:

  • Vessel Draft Survey
  • Barge Draft Survey
  • Bunker Condition Survey
  • Hold Cleanliness Inspection, Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Loading/Discharge Equipment Inspections
  • Hatch Opening Inspection, Attendance, Testing
  • Sampling (Manual, Mechanical, Barge-Top, Witnessing)
  • Full Vessel Operations Attendance (including Discharge/Load, Contamination, Free Flowing, Temperature Monitoring)
  • Daily Operational Updates including photographs

Orange Solution in Glass Flask


SGS provide dedicated product and umpire labs strategically located across North America to support our operations. SGS prides itself in upholding ISO accreditations and maintain exceptional quality, monitored monthly by our internal SGS Laboratory Quality Services International (LQSi) Program and Technical Quality Team.

In addition to laboratory analysis, SGS inspectors may utilize a portable, fully calibrated hand-held X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy device (pXRF) to determine the elemental composition of metals on the spot.

Inspection Services

Whether it be warehouse, dockside, or yard, our qualified team of inspectors are ready to assist with a wide array of expertise and confidence including:

  • Warehouse Inspection/Product Tally
  • Due Diligence Inspections
  • Container Inspections/Witness Container Loading
  • Sampling
  • Stockpile Services (Sampling, Tonnage Measurement)
  • Operations Witnessing/Attendance
  • On-Site Lab/Operations Support


With inspectors strategically located near all major ports around North America, including the US Gulf Coast, US East Coast, the Great Lakes, US West Coast and Eastern and Western Canada, our team is agile to deliver you trade and commercial inspection services wherever you need. Our offices are based out of:

  • Saint Rose, LA (MS River)
  • Deer Park, TX (Houston area ports)
  • Mobile, AL
  • Newport News/Norfolk, VA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle/Tacoma/Vancouver/Longview WA
  • South Holland, IL (Great Lakes)
  • Stockton, CA
  • Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA
  • Tampa/Port Manatee, FL
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Prince Rupert, BC
  • Quebec City, QC

Additionally, SGS inspectors can travel to remote areas to ensure that your interests in your commercial transactions are protected and your risks ultimately reduced. 

In the trade world, timing is everything. You can rest assured that our team is committed to providing you with accurate and expeditious results. Get in touch today to dive deeper into SGS’s full range of solutions for the mineral and metal commodities industry.

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