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Footwear testing, inspection and certification services to support you throughout the production process.

Whether designed for a construction site, a jog or a snowy day, a shoe is more than just a shoe. A beloved pair of shoes is a means of self-expression, expected to last not only the test of time, but also various activities the wearer faces every day. At SGS, we help footwear suppliers achieve the highest quality standards, so their customers can put their best feet forward.

With integrity and innovation at the heart of everything we do, we will work to bring your goals to fruition. As the world’s leading, testing, inspection and certification company, SGS offers a worldwide network of labs providing a full range of services to support you throughout the production process. With solutions such as durability and comfort tests, chemical management testing and consulting for volatile organic compounds, and a footwear operational optimization technical service, we will help you ensure a safer manufacturing process, a lower environmental footprint and a final product that is safe, comfortable and functional.

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Our Footwear Solutions

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Supply Chain and Sustainability Solutions

Today’s consumers are prioritizing sustainability in all aspects of their lives, including their footwear purchases. By considering the environmental and social impact of operations, our supply chain and sustainability solutions help footwear brands meet sustainability challenges and become more transparent, secure and efficient. We provide a range of specialized services to ensure environmental and socially sustainable production – along with safety, quality, functionality and value – throughout the supply chain.

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SGS Footwear Operational Optimization Technical Service (FOOTS™)

FOOTS™ is a range of inspection services that can be integrated into your company’s footwear quality management system to enable continuous improvement. These include:

  • Technical factory assessment – before purchase order is placed
  • Production readiness check – before mass production begins
  • Onsite production control – at the beginning of each stage of production

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Footwear Packaging

Footwear packaging must be cost-effective, sustainable and durable enough to endure the journey from manufacturer to retailer to consumer without damage or changes to its appearance. SGS has developed the industry’s first comprehensive testing method for footwear packaging. We provide:

  • Validation of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and consistency
  • Consumer panels to evaluate whether your packaging will meet consumer expectations
  • Transit testing to ensure your packaging is robust enough to protect your product during transportation

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SGS Container VOC Control Solution

Awareness of the dangers of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is growing. To comply with environmental protection laws and employee occupational health regulations, organizations must demonstrate close attention to controlling them. In footwear, VOC can come from sources such as glue, polyresin and other components, and can accumulate in the confined space of a container, reaching unsafe levels.

Our Container VOC Control Solution helps you and your supply chain improve VOC control performance.

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SGS Mold Prevention Solutions

Mold in footwear can cause color change and an unpleasant smell, and in some cases, irreversible damage. In addition, mold can pose a health risk. In the footwear industry, mold can thrive in factories and storage sites, especially where temperature and humidity are high, and in ocean-going containers.

Our mold prevention solutions help reduce the risk of mold throughout the footwear supply chain. We offer:

  • Mold prevention awareness training
  • Mold prevention related testing services
  • Onsite mold prevention assessments

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Root Cause Analysis in Chemical Management

Many of the manufacturing processes in the footwear supply chain are chemical intensive. The inappropriate use of chemicals or unsuitable manufacturing processes can lead to non-compliance of restricted substances and/or environmental regulations.

Addressing the root cause of a problem can prevent repeated restricted substance failures. SGS Root Cause Analysis in Chemical Management enables you and your suppliers to focus on chemical parameters you are concerned about, or which have had previous failures. We provide an onsite visit and chemical testing, as well as awareness training for suppliers.

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