Food Safety Management with GMP & HACCP

Demonstrate your commitment to food safety and quality.

Why are GMP and HACCP important for your business?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certifications assure consumers that the food you produce or trade is safe and of good quality.

GMP certification provides independent verification and certification that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for the implementation of an effective HACCP food safety program are being followed.

SGS is a world leader in third party certification and verification. Certifying your food safety management system against Good Manufacturing Practices requirements with SGS is an excellent way to prepare for inspections by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. The process will help you to ensure regulatory compliance while demonstrating your knowledge of the importance of producing and trading safe, quality food.

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SGS GMP & HACCP Solutions

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GMP & HACCP Certifications

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Supplier Audit Solutions

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SGS Realize Food Safety Culture Program

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GMP & HACCP Training

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SGS GMP & HACCP Certifications and Other Solutions

GMP Certification

Consumers today want to be sure of the safety and quality of their food. By increasing customer confidence in your commitment to trading and producing safe, high quality food, Good Manufacturing Practices certification serves as an important enhancement to your food safety management system.

Compliance with GMP requirements entails minimum common sense sanitary and processing requirements applicable to all food processing establishments. Many food industry companies have already implemented the GMP certification scheme for food processing, using it as a foundation for developing and implementing other quality and food safety management systems, including HACCP, FSSC/ISO 22000, BRCGS, SQF and ISO 9001.

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HACCP Certification

HACCP certification instantly demonstrates to customers your commitment to producing or trading in safe food. Its risk based approach is particularly beneficial during audits by regulatory authorities or stakeholders. Demonstrating a real commitment to food safety through HACCP compliance can also transform your brand and act as an effective entry-to-market tool, opening up new business opportunities for you around the world.

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Supplier Audits

A supplier audit program is a great way of evaluating a facility's compliance to GMP and HACCP requirements. A supplier audit independently assesses the compliance and performance of suppliers against your chosen criteria and code of practice in addition to international standards.

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SGS Realize Food Safety Culture Program

Retain motivated teams, minimize human error and comply with the latest GFSI requirements. The SGS Realize Food Safety Culture program provides your business with detailed assessments, developed by Safety Culture program technical food experts and occupational psychologists, that measure your food safety culture. It can help you gain insight into your employees’ behavior outside of food safety audit days, providing you with actionable intelligence that can be used to continuously improve your food safety culture.

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SGS GMP & HACCP Training Solutions

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GMP, Preventive Controls and HACCP Codex Implementation Training

Learn, via a series of interactive virtual training workshops, how to successfully implement a GMP and HACCP food safety system with FSMA-compliant Preventive Controls. This course is recognized by the International HACCP Alliance (IHA).

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HACCP Implementation for Juice Manufacturers Training

Meet GFSl-recognized scheme requirements for HACCP training, using a curriculum based on NACMCF, Codex Alimentarius and ISO/TS 22002-1 requirements. This course is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance (IHA).

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HACCP Implementation for the Seafood Industry

This course provides a comprehensive layout of the steps to develop a seafood HACCP program. Based on the requirements of 21 CFR 123 - Fish and Fishery Products, it forms a foundation for the implementation of a risk based food safety system where HACCP is the focus.

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Why Choose SGS?

As a world leading provider of testing, inspection, verification and certification services with 140 years experience, we offer you in depth expertise in addressing food industry challenges. Our global reach enables us to provide you with local experts who understand your culture and needs. We will support you across the entire supply chain, helping you to protect your brand, build customer trust and open the door to a more profitable business.

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