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Laboratory Quality Services International (LQSi) helps auditors test the quality control capabilities of laboratories, equipment or personnel by supplying:

  • Certified reference materials (CRMs) for use on-site to assess auditable results tested in the presence of the auditor 
  • Blind proficiency testing program (PTP) samples to be sent as unknowns to the labs of interest

Certified Reference Materials

LQSi offers certified reference materials (CRMs) that are manufactured and certified according to stringent industry standards. We have a wide range of minerals with well-characterized chemical and physical characteristics.

Proficiency Testing Programs (PTP)

LQSi PTP were established to help laboratories meet the ever-increasing demands of laboratory quality management systems defined by international, national, and industry standards development bodies (such as ISO, ASTM, ANSI / ASQ and automotive and steel-making organizations). Samples generated by LQSi’s PTP meet stringent homogeneity and statistical requirements.

LQSi invests heavily in our technical experts, equipment, and software to ensure that our services are technically superior in all areas, our samples homogenous and we meet or exceed ASTM, ISO, and industry requirements. LQSi can help your laboratory meet the ever-increasing demands for technical performance required by laboratory quality management systems. Contact us today for auditor support you can trust.

This service is not currently available in this country. However, we have an unrivalled global network. Please contact us to discuss the delivery of this service.