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Pedigreed Seed Crop Inspection

Demonstrate the quality of your seed and the reputation of your crops with pedigreed seed crop inspection from SGS.

From 2014, Canada’s seed growers must undertake third party pedigreed seed crop inspections to meet the requirements of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CGSA). These include:

  • Maintain and safeguard seed varietal identity and purity
  • Verify commodity quality
  • Check levels of contamination between fields/crops

Conducted throughout a commodity’s lifecycle, from sowing to harvest, our inspection services provide the framework you need to meet the requirements of Canada’s new seed crop framework. An inspection and reporting program completed by our local commodities experts supports your seed crop certification. Our inspections check criteria including:

  • Roguing
  • Rotation
  • Distance

Growers meeting the required standards can submit our pedigreed seed crop inspection report to the CGSA and request certification. A seed crop that is issued a CGSA crop certificate is then labelled with an official blue ‘Certified’ tag (or bulk pedigreed certificate) and graded with a Canada pedigreed grade name when sold in Canada.

Contract SGS to conduct your pedigreed seed crop inspections and benefit from more than 130 years experience in the field.

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